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Hey there,

Do you have a Jira plugin tutorial that can be used on this site? Please do share it with me and I can add it along with the ones available.

To help blend with the styling and content of existing tutorials, please keep the considerations below when you are creating the tutorial to submit.

Styling: Use Twitter Bootstrap 3.0.0

  1. already has tutorials that contain information on how to create a plugin skeleton. So you can assume that every user know how to run the atlas-create-jira-plugin module.
  1. Start your tutorial with a requirement.
  2. Include all the steps in an ordered list.
  3. Include images in every step you find is important. For styling images, use the img-thumbnail class.
  4. End your tutorial with contributor information.
Contributor Information:

At the end of each tutorial, please include your full name and your contact information. You can also include a small description about yourself.

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